Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Etsy store banner - new design!

This is a banner designed for a return customer who is opening up an Etsy shop.  She does watercolor paintings and wanted a clean format to her banner with an older-style font to match her chosen store name.  This was one of those designs that just came together and she approved the first draft as her new banner design!  Good luck with your shop, Dot!

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Ivette Haggerty said...

Melissa, I'd like to make some compliment about your blog, and the projects you've done. They are so striking and remarkable! This specialty of yours will still be sharpened dearly. The image from that banner has that timeless appeal. Maybe that's the reason why your client approved it to be her new banner design in the first draft. Anyway, good luck on your journey, and may you have more projects to come.