Monday, September 3, 2007

Lisa's new watermark is done!

I had a block on finishing up this watermark for some reason, so it took me a bit to wrap things up for Lisa. I think I was trying to make it more swirly and involved than it should have been! However, I got some time to finish it up last night and got Lisa's approval on it today.
She has new pictures to apply it to and it can soon be seen on her photos on her photography blog! Thanks again, Lisa, for choosing to work with me - you've been such fun!

Yvonne's watermark is ready to go!

Yvonne at Stamp Your Art Out now has a watermark to go with her banner that I created for her earlier this month. Two styles of the hand-drawn flowers that I did for her banner are included in this watermark. I think it turned out as a really fun and sweet design. Thanks for your business Yvonne - you're GREAT!