Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Changing your colors to match your banner on Blogger

If you really want to customize your blog, try changing your colors to match! For complete customization, you'll need to know your hex color codes (these are colors that are coded so that any website can recognize them).

If I've designed a banner for you previously, check with me and I can help you figure out codes. Otherwise, you can just click on close color matches from the color palette shown in the Fonts and Colors Tab. When I reference entering a hex code below, that's where you'd click on a color that you'd like used for each element.
  1. Log in to Blogger.
  2. Under Template, click on the Fonts and Colors Tab.
  3. Down the left side, there will be a box with a vertical scroll bar listing all the things that you can pick a color for. You'll need to change the color of the hex code for each item using the following code and entering it in the box to the right that is labeled as "Edit color hex code" with a # and a six digit code. You'll follow the same steps for each item (Main Background Color, Text Color, Link Color, etc.).
  4. Click and highlight Main Background Color. From your custom list of hex codes, copy the #______ code to match with each item on the list. Go to the box under Edit color hex code, double-click and highlight what's there and then paste in the new code copied from this email list. Scroll down through each item on the list of items and update the colors. After each time you enter the hex code, you need to hit the Enter key, and for what it's worth, when I used the Enter key on the number key pad, it didn't seem to work. You'll know it's taken the change if you see the sample color in the scroll list on the left change to what you were expecting. You'll still want to save using the Save Changes button, but without hitting Enter, it doesn't seem to "get it."

Good luck!