Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Jose - Soccer Banner

Jose has a blog about U.S. major league soccer for Spanish speakers. Wanting to give it a look that was more his own, he came to me for a custom banner.

The thing I love most about this banner is the crowd in the background. Previously in my design there was just blue sky, but it was Jose's suggestion to have the fans included since fans are who would visit his blog for information on Major League Soccer. I purchased a stock photo of a crowd of fans, tweaked it and dropped it in. It really gives this banner an extra sense of life!

I love working on stamping banners, but this was a fun divergence from the usual.

Belinda's duo banners

This was supposed to have gone up in September, but it didn't, and I got distracted from checking!

These banners were done for Belinda's two blogs, My Stampin' Pad and The Stampin' Buzz.

You can see that they look like the viewer has just moved to the left a little allowing for more of the pond scene to be shown. This allows the blogs to look similar, but have their own personality.

Belinda also ordered a watermark and a couple custom signatures one with the frog on the lilypad and one with well, a lily on the lily pad.

I'm sorry I don't have a copy of the watermark right now. I'm not at home with my files handy, but this gives you the idea of her overall project. This was a really fun project and Belinda was lovely to work with! Be sure to check out her blog(s). :)