Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Ellen's Stamping Expressions has a new banner and watermark!

Ellen over at Stamping Expressions and I have been working on her banner for a bit. Lots of tweaks to this one, but completely worth it for the clean, airy stylings of her banner. Ellen was wonderful to work with, and I particularly like the way the butterfly looks almost like it was colored in with chalk. We started with a monochromatic banner, but she was exactly right when she suggested adding in some yellow on the butterfly.

We also had to work to get the font right. Fonts are tricky because not all of them come with the built-in option of bolding or italics, so for this one, it's one of the more standard fonts I use (because of its popularity), but it doesn't look like it because I skewed the font, to give it a look of its own!
Ellen's blog is a new one, but it's off to a good start! There are some very cute projects over there. Thanks, Ellen for choosing me, this was a fun project with a happy ending! :)

Monday, November 26, 2007

Josee has a new banner and watermark set

Josee is a busy demonstrator (most are!) up in Canada who needed not only a blog banner, but a banner that would also work for her newsletter. I made several variations for her with and without contact information and sized for the blog and newsletter. She had her colors all picked out before she came to me, and knew she wanted a flower and polka dots incorporated. We worked together to get it as she wanted it, and this is how it turned out!

While we were at it, we also created a watermark for her and it looks like this:

I think this is a nice, clean look that she'll enjoy for a long time. When you get a chance, stop by Josee's site, and check out the cute stuff she's got up.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Chris Simon has a new blog AND a new banner and watermarks!

I think this is the quickest collaboration EVER for me on a banner/watermark combo! Chris and I seemed to be in sync right from the start, and it just flowed from there.

Chris just started a blog over at and she was looking to brand it as her own. Well, she presented quite a challenge of wanting lots of color, but also wanted to reference the tranquility of yoga and the peacefulness that she's working to bring into her life.

Ok. I was daunted. So I tried to clear my runways of creativity by just throwing something together, mostly playing with trying to get the Om symbol in.

Well, what do you know? I liked what I made. So, with that caveat, I sent it as an "unofficial" preview draft to Chris. I'd originally told her I couldn't even start on it until the next day! The banner was approved almost from the start. We changed some colors and added "springy strings" to the right side of the image, and that was it.
Of course she also needed a watermark, and we agreed that I'd make a standard Stampin' Up! language oriented watermark, and also a more general watermark at no additional charge. I don't see the point in charging for a second watermark when I'm just changing the words! For her watermarks Chris didn't even give me direction - she said she wanted to see what was in my head first. :)
Apparently, I'm a mind reader AND a designer. There weren't ANY changes necessary to the watermark designs. :O What a great experience to hit it right off the bat with someone I've never met before and create just what they want. It was such a pleasure! Thanks, Chris, for taking the leap with me.