Thursday, June 26, 2008

Blog banner - a summer edition

I had the pleasure of working with Jackie Pedro again to design a "summer style" banner for her blog. She has wonderful stamping projects that she shares and is just a nice person to be in contact with. :)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Joanne B. is going green

In addition to the regular treat of sharing her stamping creations, Joanne B. is starting a Sunday segment on things to do to be green.

I'm in favor of getting the word out there, so I made up a little banner to use for those posts and Joanne graciously accepted it. :)

Chrissy's Stampin Attic - new watermark and signature

Chrissy came for me to get a watermark (in light and dark versions like all my watermark customers). The name of her blog is Chrissy's Stampin' Attic, so when I started playing around, I came up with her design immediately - some designs just work that way!

For her digital signature, she liked Tara's signature from a few posts below, but wanted a primitive element included and suggested a button. So she got a cute little button with twine.

Simone Gabriel

This design has actually been complete for about 2 weeks, but I've been so busy, I'm just now getting to posting it! Simone in Germany has an online store and wanted a custom look. She sent me a sample of what she wanted it to look like and was so helpful about interacting with me so that I could get the right look for her!

She ordered a store banner, images to run down the side of the pages, a design team icon and watermarks. Phew! It was a big order, but we worked together and pulled it out. :)