Wednesday, April 6, 2011

New website, new banner

This is a banner for a delicious-looking site about eating vegan ... or mostly vegan, most of the time.  Cynthia contacted me looking for a clean design for her new site.  She has restaurant recommendations, recipes and how-to tips for your perusal.  Stop by and check out her new site at:  You might learn something new about a healthier diet option without giving up all the "essentials."

We also worked on a custom coordination border for her portrait for the site.  Still in the works is a design for a signature image for her posts.
Thank you, Cynthia for your business!


Kitchen Butterfly said...

Hi Melissa, welcome back!

Eat said...

You're very welcome, Melissa - it was a pleasure working with you :)

PradaPrincipal said...

Hi Melissa: Having trouble using your email link - problem from my end I think. Tried to email you at your old msn email but not working either. Can you email me: please. Need a new banner for my blog. :)
Thank you!